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we define cabernet sauvignon wine

(cab-air-nay so-veen-yawn) n. the king of grapes! the greatest wines of the world are produced from the cabernet sauvignon grape. the cabernet sauvignon grape is at its best when blended with other grapes such as: merlot (in bordeaux) or sangiovese (in italy) or shiraz (in australia) or cabernet franc (in california). the blending tends to soften the sharp edges of the course tannins.

tastes like: dark berry fruit such as black currant and cassis.

grows best: bordeaux, california, australia, chile, italy, spain, washington.

style: medium-bodied to full-bodied.

drink with: any meat, lamb, beef, wild boar, heavy sauces, balsamic vinegar.

when to drink: the less expensive cabernet should be consumed within three years; the more expensive can last five, ten, 20 years or more.

we define chardonnay wine

(shar-doe-nay) n. chardonnay is by far the most popular wine in the world. surprisingly, it is one of the most difficult wines to match with food. chardonnay comes in many different shapes and sizes...from light and steely or big and powerful to minerally and crisp to tropical fruit flavors. in france, chardonnay is the queen of the burgundy region. it is the grape found in chablis wine and white burgundies such as meruosault and st. veran.

tastes like: see above.

grows best: burgundy, france, australia, california, chile.

style: un-oaked chardonnay tends to be medium-bodied while heavily oaked chardonnay produces a full-bodied wine.

drink with: grilled salmon, creamy or buttery sauces, barbecues, smoked fish.

when to drink: best when fresh, but the more expensive burgundies can be enjoyed for up to five years.

we define chenin blanc wine

(shay-naN blaN) n. chenin blanc is called “steen” in south africa and is the grape found in france’s famous vouvray wine. it is the primary grape grown in the loire valley. chenin blanc wine can be dry to semi-sweet wine. often it has a honey fruity flavor with a crisp finish.

tastes like: apple tart with an almond crust.

grows best: loire valley, france, south africa.

style: light bodied, high acid.

drink with: appetizers, delicate fish dishes, cream, fruit based dishes.

when to drink: chill and drink today!

we define gamay/beaujolais wine

(gam-may/boe-zho-lay) n. the gamay grape produces a lively, fruity wine. the french grow the grape to make beaujolais wine. there is a big celebration of the beaujolais nouveau in november each year to welcome this crowd-pleasing wine. the best beaujolais wines are called beaujolais villages. you can even try it over ice with a splash of soda juice and club soda.

tastes like: think ocean spray!

grows best: beaujolais region of france (burgundy), california.

style: light-bodied.

drink with: you name it!

when to drink: drink young.

we define gewurztraminer wine

(geh-VERTZ-trah-mee-nur) n. gewurztraminer means spice in german. the greatest gewurztraminer are produced in alsace, france, but many other regions are making delicious wines. the wines range from dry to slightly sweet to medium sweet. the grapes are very aromatic with floral and spice scents. gerwurztraminer smells sweet but tastes dry.

tastes like: bowl of exotic fruits with a splash of honey and nutmeg.

grows best: in alsace, france, germany, california and washington state.

style: light bodied to medium bodied.

drink with: thai, asian, indian, patê, spicy seafood, smoked salmon.

when to drink: serve chilled. drink young.

we define merlot wine

(mer-low) n. merlot is the most popular red wine in the usa. in europe the merlot grape is mostly used as a blending grape especially in the bordeaux region. merlot grapes produce a soft, juicy, fruity wine. the best merlot wines have hints of blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, plums, and sometimes even mint or cedar.

tastes like: plum tart

grows best: bordeaux (france), california, chile, washington, new zealand, italy.

style: soft medium bodied to full bodied.

drink with: honey roasted ham, beef, lamb, duck, tuna, tomatoes, eggplant, anything grilled.

when to drink: drink young (within three years), but some bordeaux can be cellared 20 years or more.

we define pinot grigio/pinot gris wine

(pee-noe gree-joe/pee-noe gree) n. the pinot gris grape produces a refreshing wine with crisp and clean flavors. it has a low alcohol content which makes it perfect for brunches or garden parties.

tastes like: light honey flavors with a hint of spice. think summer!

grows best: italy, alsace (france), california, oregon.

style: light to medium-bodied, crisp acidity.

drink with: grilled chicken, quiche, tomato-based dishes, fish, shellfish, salads.

when to drink: chill and drink today.

we define pinot noir wine

(pee-noe nwahr) n. the pinot noir grape is the most delicate of all grapes and one of the oldest varieties. it is the most challenging of all grapes to grow but can be the most rewarding. pinot noir is often compared to a seductive lover because of its beguiling behavior. it requires patience and talent to produce a good pinot noir. the wine tends to have a silky texture and strawberry flavor. young pinot noir wines are light-bodied with flavors of fresh summer berries while aged pinot noirs tend to be more full-bodied with more mushroom flavors. good pinot noir tends to be pricey.

tastes like: at its best tastes of soft, sweet berry fruit with a hint of earth.

grows best: burgundy (france), oregon, california, new zealand.

style: light-bodied to medium-bodied.

drink with: very food-friendly...risotto, fish, cheese, fruit, filet of beef, pork tenderloin.

when to drink: drink young except for the better burgundies. high quality burgundy wine can age five to 10 years and beyond.

we define riesling wine

(reese-ling) n. the world is finally discovering riesling! the grape produces wines of all different flavors and styles throughout the world. the lightest rieslings come from the mosel region in germany. why not take a wine tasting tour of the many styles tonight. you won’t be disappointed!

tastes like: the drier styles taste like granny smith apples, while the sweeter rieslings taste more like apple crisp.

grows best: germany, alsace (france), new zealand, australia, california and new york state.

style: light-bodied bone dry to medium-bodied to sweet wines. the lower the alcohol, the sweeter the wine.

drink with: thai, chinese, indian, mexican, shellfish, roasted chicken, fruit tarts.

when to drink: drink young for fresh fruit flavor or age for a more honey flavor.

we define sangiovese wine

(sahn-joe-vay-zeh) n. one of the most famous of all wines is made from the sangiovese grape. chianti wine is produced in the tuscany region of italy. characterized by vibrant cherry flavors and crisp acidity, the sangiovese grape is the ultimate food grape. sangiovese is often blended with merlot and cabernet grapes to produce delicious super tuscan wines.

tastes like: cherries!

grows best: italy, california.

style: light to medium-bodied, good acidity.

drink with: anything italian, pizza, pasta, spicy dishes, grilled fish, game, sausage, garlic.

when to drink: young.

we define sauvignon blanc/fume blanc wine

(sah-vin-yon blank) n. feeling sassy! try a sauvignon blanc wine fermented in a steel vat for a dry, crisp wine with fresh citrus fruit flavors. the higher acid content is the perfect match for almost any food. california vintners tend to ferment sauvignon blanc in oak producing a softer, richer wine with more body...similar to a chardonnay.

tastes like: lemon meringue pie.

grows best: new zealand, california, loire valley (france), bordeaux (france).

style: light-bodied to medium-bodied.

drink with: grilled sea bass, gazpacho, fruit, cheese, seafood, appetizers.

when to drink: chill and drink today. the younger the vintage the fresher the juice!

we define syrah/shiraz wine

(see-rah/shee-rahz) n. primary grape in the rhone valley region of southern france. known as shiraz in australia where it is a very popular grape. intensely concentrated fruit; big & bold; dark & dense. often referred to as a powerful, chewy wine. think crocodile dundee....

tastes like: ben & jerry’s cherry garcia ice cream: a little vanilla, some chocolate and big juicy cherries.

grows best: rhone valley (france), australia, california.

style: medium-bodied to full-bodied.

drink with: hearty stew; grilled meat & game; mediterranean dishes.

when to drink: most are ready to drink now. some from southern france can be cellared for many years.

we define tempranillo wine

(temp-rah-neel-yo) n. the cabernet sauvignon of spain! tempranillo produces soft flavors and aromas of dried cherry, strawberry, leather and light oak. the prestigious wines are grown in the ribera del duero region while the age worthy wines are produced in the rioja region. it is often blended with the grenache grape creating an almost bordeaux-like wine.

tastes like: fresh picked strawberries.

grows best: spain, portugal, argentina.

style: medium to full-bodied.

drink with: tapas, olives, nuts, spicy foods, roast pork, mushrooms.

when to drink: most are made to drink young except the more expensive wines of the rioja region can be cellared for many years.

we define zinfandel wine

(zin-fahn-dell) n. the zinfandel grape is only grown in the USA. most people think sweet when they hear zinfandel because of the very popular white zinfandel wines. in fact zinfandel is a red wine grape which produces big, spicy, jammy wines with lots of alcohol.

tastes like: smucker’s jam on cinnamon toast.

grows best: USA.

style: medium to full-bodied.

drink with: anything grilled, tomatoes, mushrooms, nuts, balsamic vinegar, olives.

when to drink: today through five years.

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