October 2005:

Wine Sense Featured in Beverage Retailer Magazine!

We have a new cover girl at Wine Sense. Our own Kristin VandenBrul is featured on the cover of “Beverage Retailer” a widely read industry publication. Accompanying Kristin’s glamour shots is an article about how she started the store and her business philosophy.

Oddly, the writer must have had a bit too much wine because she writes that Wine Sense is located on Park Avenue in New York City. No, we haven’t moved. She just perhaps didn't remember that she and the photographer came to Rochester to interview Kristin. Stop by the store to read all about Kristin’s adventures in the Big Apple.



Insider March 12, 2004:

Cheese Shop A Woman's World

The wine sellers at Wine Sense are making it clear that winemaking isn't a man's world.


For all you ladies who have ever felt slighted when the wine menu is automatically set down in front of the men at the table, the wine sellers at Wine Sense are making it clear that winemaking isn't a man's world. Wines made by female viticulturists, also known as winemakers, are marked with a big orange star. "Wine Sense is a women's business," says Kristen Vanden Brul, the shop's owner. "We like to highlight women's products."

And for anyone, male or female, who has wondered which wine to serve with anything from barbecued ribs to filet mignon, the Park Avenue wine shop provides a cheat sheet for every bottle it sells. The cards offer you complete information about who made the wine, where it was made, what to serve it with, how to say it (don't act as if you've never needed a pronunciation key for those fancy French labels) and when it will taste best. And Vanden Brul won't make you feel stupid if you ask what it means when a wine has "great structure."

Wine Sense offers selections from around the world, for about every dish you can think of. Making Tex-Mex? Try a Villa del Borgo. Just having burgers? There's still a wine for you. Try Rojo Cabernet Sauvignon from the Odfjell vineyards in Chile. Or if you're into funky names, try Woop Woop, a Shiraz from Southeastern Australia, named after a phrase that means "in the middle of nowhere."

Even if you don't buy a bottle, you'll get an education just walking around Wine Sense, especially if you go during one of its free wine tastings, which are held from 4-7 p.m. Fridays and noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays.

And in case you were wondering, having "great structure" means a wine is not too tannic (dry), too fruity or too acidic. In other words, it's just right.

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October, 2005

Wine Sense featured in Beverage Retailer Magazine! More...